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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Property damage to other parties’ vehicles.
      • Bodily injury claims made against you.
      • Property damage and bodily injury claims from third parties.

      Defects in a product sold or supplied by an insured, causing injury or damage to a third party.

      Where the insured is dissatisfied with the amount of settlement being offered by insurers.

      1. Subscribers who pay in advance and need to be reimbursed must complete a claim form answering all the relevant questions.
        a. Service date
        b. Name of Patient
        c. Type of Service
        d. Diagnosis
        e. Original itemized receipt must be enclosed
        f. Must be signed by subscriber/ patient
        g. Subscriber’s policy # must be included
      2. The Claim form must be legible and must be submitted within (90) days of the service date.

      Your Basic Benefit may pay a certain value for surgery and other medical benefits in one calendar year. The Major Medical benefit is an additional value that is applicable to some benefits after the basic benefit amount has been exhausted and the deductible satisfied.

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