Employee Benefits Insurance

BCMG Insurance Brokers’ Employee Benefits department was established in 1998. It reflects BCMG Insurance Brokers’ commitment to empowering and supporting its commercial clients. Businesses that support their team enjoy higher rates of employee retention and sustained productivity. Protecting your employees through our employee benefits insurance plans show that you support their growth and value their service. It’s a win-win that rewards both your employees and your business by enhancing morale and encouraging a healthy workforce. In industries that require high manual labour input, employee benefit insurance is invaluable in protecting both you and your employees from damage caused by accident or illness. Employee Benefits are part of attracting and retaining talent, and BCMG Insurance Brokers is here to craft and manage this coverage for both small businesses and large enterprises who want to sustain or grow their workforce effectively.

Group Health

Group Health provides health coverage for employees of businesses with a minimum of five employees. It includes coverage for doctors visits, prescriptions, hospitalizations, as well as dental and optical.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance is available to protect your business and your employees against accidental death and dismemberment or other injury. It not only covers incidents that occur within the workplace, but it can cover employees at all times and in any location.

Group Life

Group Life is the largest and most significant area under the Employee Benefits category. It is life insurance coverage provided by a company for its employees and is usually coupled with Accidental Death & Dismemberment.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits are available for individuals who are already on a Group Plan, but wish to get additional coverage.


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