Motor Vehicle Insurance

Roads are unpredictable and fraught with potential dangers. Accidents occur every day. This makes vehicles highly susceptible to risk. You need the right coverage to protect your staff and your property from First and Third Party damage.

For businesses that rely on transportation services to sustain operations, the business itself is protected when its fleet is protected. Jamaica receives thousands of visitors each day, and transportation-based businesses, such as tour operators, are responsible for their safety and protection. The credibility of our vibrant tourism industry is maintained by our commitment to safeguarding the lives and goods of passengers.

At BCMG Insurance Brokers, our focus is on coverage for commercial fleets. We do not insure private motor vehicles, except those provided to an employee through the business.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance protects all vehicles that maintain commercial use, but not those that are public passenger vehicles.

There are two different options available within this category:


Comprehensive – covers the vehicle and any Third Party claim vehicle involved in an incident, as well as persons in the Third Party vehicle or pedestrians.

Third Party

Third Party – covers only the Third Party aspect of a claim made following a vehicle involved in an incident. Damage to the Insured vehicle is not covered.


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