Property Insurance

Our Property Insurance options cover a wide range of property assets, including buildings, equipment and goods in transit. We are not only safeguarding the assets in your possession, but we are also protecting your supply chain by covering your goods en route. Our seasoned risk managers understand the types of risks and unforeseen perils that can affect your commercial or residential property, and they work with you to identify coverage gaps. By tapping into our inhouse expertise and global network of industry specialists, we create comprehensive risk management solutions that address vulnerabilities from the construction phase and beyond. From marine and engineering risks, to residential and commercial strata coverage, jewellers block, consequential loss and more, we maximize protection and minimize risk for your goods and buildings.

Engineering Risk

Engineering Risk provides coverage for damage and breakdown to various essential equipment, and can also include fire and perils, explosion and collapse, and theft. It is designed for contractors, manufacturers and distributors to cover their property and damage to owned and surrounding property from explosion of pressure vessels and the like.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption provides coverage in the event of a loss of revenue following an insured peril. As an add-on to a property insurance policy, business owners are protected in the event of loss of business due to unforeseen events. In the event business is halted due to a disaster, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can cover your bills.

Pecuniary Losses Insurance

Pecuniary Losses Insurance also called Crime Losses, provides coverage for businesses of all sizes against a variety of losses due to criminality.

Loss of Money

Loss of Money coverage provides protection to a business for money on premises during the operation of business hours, and money locked in a safe overnight. It can also cover money being transported by an employee.

Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee provides business protection against employee embezzlement, fraud or collusion with the intent to defraud the company.

Goods in Transit

Goods in Transit is ideal for businesses that are required to move goods between locations within Jamaica. It covers goods in transit between branches of the same store, delivery from store to customer and goods looted from trucks in the event of a breakdown.

Marine, Aviation and Transport Insurance

Marine, Aviation and Transport Insurance covers goods that are transported by sea or other conveyances, including those that are en route to or from Jamaica.

Jewellers Block Insurance

Jewellers Block Insurance is a unique package built by BCMG Insurance Brokers. Through its Lloyd’s of London partnership, Billy Craig was the first company in Jamaica to offer this innovative solution. Specially-crafted over several years, this coverage protects high-value items and the businesses that sell them. A jeweller’s products and earnings are safeguarded against a spectrum of risks. With this policy, jewellers have the freedom to choose their insurance value. This average-free policy makes protection more affordable, especially for small or newer businesses. Coverage also includes items that are in transit to Jamaica, from supplier to business, and between locations within Jamaica.

Residential and Commercial Strata

This is a package that provides coverage for any damage to the structure of a building, which is part of a strata. It covers public liability in common spaces and also covers the strata management committee and can provide fidelity guarantee against any potential theft or embezzlement by employees.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance keeps your home safe. Accidents can happen, and you want to know that your hard earned investment is protected. We get it. Our policy provides protection for the building, or the building along with its contents. Insurance cover is based on its replacement value and does not include land value.


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