International Health

We live in a globalized world where international travel, whether for business or pleasure, is common. Nothing is constant, but change, and your health and wellbeing matters most when navigating life’s journey. You want to feel protected no matter where you are in the globe. Through our comprehensive International Health plans, you can receive the care you need both locally and abroad for you, your family and your employees. Backed by strong partner facilitation worldwide, insured individuals and groups can travel to see a specialist or simply maintain peace of mind in knowing that they have access to dependable medical care, even when far from home. We only work with FSC approved insurance partners, so you can expect the industry best when accessing healthcare providers and processing claims.

We can tailor a plan to meet your needs and budget. Some of the key coverage benefits can include:

  • In-patient services (e.g. hospitalization)
  • Out-patient services (e.g. doctor’s visit)
  • Wellness (e.g. annual check-ups)
  • Air ambulance
  • Dental, vision and select other benefits

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