Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk is no longer a luxury, but a critical consideration in today’s business world. Companies rely on informational databases and Big Data analysis to serve and protect customers, make business decisions and manage their workforce. Many offices are going paperless, maintaining the majority of their accounting, record keeping, communications and archives in digital format. In addition, there is a strong need to maintain robust digital brand identities through online marketing, website and social media. The world is going digital and the Cloud is our new safety net. But, what if this safety net is compromised? What if all of the critical information and data that you maintain throughout your digital operations were to be lost or stolen? It is a possibility that we at BCMG Insurance Brokers do not take lightly.

Our holistic approach protects all your business units against cyber threats that can hurt your brand and reputation, disturb stakeholders or cause financial loss. With solutions designed for businesses of all sizes, and comprehensive risk management and cyber incident response services, our underwriters can provide cutting edge cover to protect against the emerging threats of the digital age.

What does it cover:

  • Cyber incident response costs (including IT forensics, legal breach notification and crisis communications)
  • Cyber crime (including social engineering, and theft of personal funds)
  • Cyber extortion
  • System damage
  • System business interruption
  • Cyber and privacy liability
  • Reputational harm
  • Management liability (arising from a cyber attack)
  • Media liability
  • Optional extras


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